Mikero's Dos Tools
Powerful tools for ArmA 3 content developers

Unmatched in performance and usability
Mikero's Dos Tools set a new benchmark when it comes to developing or maintaining content for any ArmA game. It doesn't matter whether you are working on the next big project or a small modification, this set of tools got your back.


Skip hours of headaches and let ArmA3P setup your P: drive correctly.


Convert .wrp files to 4WVR, 8WVR, OPRW


Analyze any FXY fyle and display information


Check the integrity of .bisign, .bikey and .biprivatekey files to detect broken signatures quickly


Inspect any .p3d file for errors, extract skeletons, extract .rvmats and list named selections.


DePac is a powerful analyser for any pac/paa file. Fetch type, tags, used compression and the size of mipmaps.


The essence of DePew is to extract object, template, and elevation information and present in a text form that is usable by external tools such as L3dt, 'worldtools', Excel, and of course feedback into DePew, with altered heights or etc. Formats that Depew supports range from Pose57(Xbox Elite) thru to Pose60 (a2/Arrowhead). There is currently limited support for ofp. While much of what DePew does can also be done by 02Script, DePew is blindingly fast. DePew.exe also consolidates various other deprecated exes (such as CreatePewObjects) into one umbrella.


DeRap works with all engine types (Flashpoint, Xbox, ArmA, Arrowhead, .rvmat, .bisurf and more) and will convert any binarized file into plain text.


DeRtm analyses the content of any rtm file and does a few consistency checks. In it's basic mode, it will show the bone names, frametimes, or, (if applicable) sounds inside the rtm. This is generally sufficient for simply identifying the content and typeof rtm under the hammer. DeRtm can scan entire folder(s). In this mode, it is a powerful tool to verify the integrity of ALL rtms in a project. DeRtm also provides a mechanism to convert binarised rtm back to plain jane.


Lists all paa files used in a TexHeaders.bin file.


Analyses the content of any .wrp file (binarized or plain) and provides consistency checks.


Treats all .wss, .wav and .ogg as equals and will convert from any type to any other. Allows to resample files, play audio from original files or a conversion result, can display the time in seconds a sound file is long, stereo wss compression, autocorrection of mistakes in .wss files.


GUI utilizing almost all other seperatly usable tools. Create and unpack .pbos for all engine types, drag and drop any folder into Eliteness for quick navigation, binarises and de-binarises any file (support for all engine types), lint-checking within .pbos and source files, list a .pbo's content, decodes and view any raP encoded file (.rvmat, .bisurf, etc.), lists pac/paa content, decodes most BIS files such as .fxy, .rtm, .wss, .wrp and more.


Extract any .pbo from Coldwar Crisis, Resistance, XBox Elite, ArmA, ArmA 2, ArmA 3, Arrowhead, IFA and vbs2lite via a simple-to-use GUI.


Create .pbos quickly with a simple GUI. Check for syntax errors, obfuscate, rapify files (.rvmat, .bisurf, .fsm, .sqm, .bikb, .cpp, .ext) during packing, binarize .pbos and more.


Move, merge or split files to other .pbos and automatically adjust paths inside (non-)binarised files such as .p3d models.


Move specific files from one location to another and automatically adjust paths inside any .wrp, .rvmat, .pew, .p3d, .pbo or folder.

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