Obfuscating what's valuable with the ease of a click

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The problem with public content

Hundreds of hours get put into missionfiles daily to make servers stand out from the masses and attract players. Certain people though invest this time into stealing your work and possibly even making money with it. ObfuSQF is the solution to this problem.

Obfuscate your missionfile

ObfuSQF allows you to easily obfuscate your missionfile and prevent others from stealing your work. Obfuscated missionfiles cannot be opened with popular tools, their content stays completely hidden.

Protection against copies

ObfuSQF comes with your own private key which allows your missionfile to flawlessly work on your gameserver. If someone attempts to copy your missionfile and use it on their server, ObfuSQF will crash it. Your missionfile will only work on authorized servers.

Easy to use

Drag and drop your missionfile into your webbrowser, wait for your file to be processed and download your obfuscated missionfile and private key. Working with ObfuSQF is easy, no additional download required.

Desktop client  

Do you automate the process of restarting/packing your missionfile on your server? Use ObfuSQF's desktop client to automate the obfuscation process, visting the website is not required.

Available for

This equals about 1,2 BigMacs   

License expires after

30 Days


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