Cinematic camera rides instead of blackscreens while loading

Simple. Significant. Stunning.

Greet players with a unique cinematic camera ride around your map. Be able to show what amazing places they are able to explore before actually playing!
"Altis Life Cinematic Login Cam" impresses the user with music, a smooth camera ride and fluent transitions. Get rid of your black loadings screens and make
waiting times more interesting.


Fully customizeable...

- camera rides
- tracks
- speed
- music
- ready-to-use configurations for Altis and Tanoa

Please note that this product does not include music.


Default configuration with custom music

Product Information

Available for

This equals about 1,2 BigMacs   

License expires after



Digital Download

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Compatible with all Altis/Tanoa life versions
(Mostly) drag-and-drop installation
1 Month updates and support included
Full documentation included