Server Restart Events

Give restarts an apocalyptic touch

Script only supports fixed server restart intervals. Restart intervals of different lengths are not supported.

Announce restarts in fashion

Earthquakes, lightnings and atomic explosions with fallouts, you name it. Experience the worlds doomsday whenever your server restarts or when you wish to and impress players with a stunning show.


- Earthquakes
- Lightnings
- Atomic Explosions
- Ready-to-use configs
- Simple installation
- Full documentation
- Compatible with Tanoa and Altis
- Can be triggered automatically upon restarts or on demand
- Customizeable sound


Product Information

Available for

This equals about 1,2 BigMacs   

License expires after



Digital Download

Compatible with all Altis/Tanoa life versions
Drag-and-drop installation
Updates and support included
Full documentation included