Modular Talent Tree Framework

Long time motivation for players

The new experience framework

Weeks have passed since its announcement, and finally it's publically available for you to enjoy. Introducing Maverick Applications' very own experience system, the Modular Talent Tree for Altis Life (MTT).
Configuration has never been easier. Our set of scripting functions make creating your very own perk system simple, allowing wealths of customisability with little to no difficulty.
Whether you prefer a deep complex network of dependencies for your perks, or just something simple, MTT will cater to you. Our dynamic overview menu makes navigating through available perks painless, dynamically creating an elegant tree structure as you build upon your system (that's right, editing dialogs is a thing of the past!).
Bring a new aspect of gameplay to your community, letting players choose their own path and skills, with an endless amount of possibilities.


- Easily configurable experience framework
- In total 12 example perks with scripts
- Dialog animations for gaining experience points
- Database synchronization
- Automatically detects dependencies and adjusts existing progress to updated configs
- Low network traffic


Product Information

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This equals about 6,2 BigMacs   

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Digital Download

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Compatible with all Altis/Tanoa life versions (except 4.0)
Drag-and-drop installation
Updates and support included
Full documentation included