Tuning Shops

Pimp your rides like they are supposed to be

Tuning for everyone

Tuning Shop allows you to fully customize your vehicle from predefined skins, RGB colours, RGB underglow to nitro boosts and modular vehicle configuration.


- Example configs for some vehicles provided
- RGB colours
- RGB underglow
- Nitro boosts
- Customizeable prices
- Custom skins addable
- Low network traffic
- Underglow can be turned on/off manually

Get the materials-update now!

Roll out a whole new palette of unique vehicles with the materials-update available to all customers! Give your vehicles a unique touch and select one of 8 predefined materials for your vehicles!


Product Information

Available for

This equals about 5 BigMacs   

License expires after



Digital Download

Compatible with all Altis/Tanoa life versions
Drag-and-drop installation
Updates and support included
Altis/Tanoa compatible