Modern mobile phone for Altis Life by ItsLeigham

xPhone is a community created replacement for the standard Altis Life Y menu. Integrated into xPhone is a persistent messaging system to view old messages at any time. A new and improved EMS and police dispatch system allows medics and police to respond to emergency service messages and view more data about incoming calls like the position of the caller.
xPhone uses clean dialog animations to achieve a modern design and feel. A configurable menu allows you to easily add new buttons to xPhone if you wish to implement other menues such as Maverick Applications - Taxis or other scripts.
xPhone was built to work best on small screen resolutions. In the future, it will be updated to support all screen resolutions and UI sizes.


- "Y" menu replacement for AltisLife,
- Full database saving messages (updates live)
- Clean animated dialog
- Dynamically loading buttons with full configuration
- EMS + Cop Dispatch System, (Allows medics and cops to reply to emergency services messages, and show the position that sent the message.)
- Built to work with small resolution size (in future update to make it compatible with all)


Product Information

Available for

This equals about 8,7 BigMacs   

License expires after



Digital Download

Compatible with all Altis/Tanoa life versions
Drag-and-drop installation
Updates and support included
Full documentation included

This is a community created script
This script was not created by Maverick Applications. The original creator is ItsLeigham.